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We are an emerging platform for sports tipping competitions launched in February 2021.

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A new competition experience

On DegensClub, there's two types of tipping competitions that you can create and take part in.

In the Pick The Draw competitions, you predict the whole course of a tennis tournament, starting from the earliest rounds.

In the Odds competitions, you get an initial stack of tournament points which are used to bet on sports events using real bookmakers' odds. Unlike traditional sports betting however, you are competing not against the bookmaker but against other players.

We are currently offering tennis, soccer and NBA competitions.


More fun, less frustration

Tired of losing your money to bookies? This won't happen at DegensClub! The goal of our project is to give you a fun experience with more control and no negativity.

Our competitions are free to participate in and provide at least the same amount of thrill and suspense as sports betting - actually more, as you are competing against real tipsters, starting from the same initial position.

You can also create your own private tipping competitions and invite your friends, family and coworkers to play with you. Creating a tipping competition has never been this easy!


The DegensClub community

If you are seeking a positive helpful environment that shares your affinity for sports, DegensClub is the right place for you.

Join our Discord channel to discuss sports, give and receive informed betting advice and just hang around cool like-minded people from around the globe!

In the Journal section, our contributor blurryturtle publishes his regular writeups with the analysis of the major tennis tournaments' fixtures - always an insightful and entertaining read!