Surprise, surprise everyone! I’m back a lot quicker than I expected, and probably quicker than you expected as well. I felt like making another writeup, and I’ve come up with an idea to fit in both tournaments this week without making the workload too large. (P.S San Diego coming soon!)

So, I’ve come down with the sick. So I did not get to write the writeup on today’s quarterfinals matches. Then I realized, I already wrote the writeup for the Tiafoe match. So here’s that, sorry about the other one. I hope I’m feeling better by tomorrow to do the semifinals writeup.

I love the ocean, you know why? It’s salty, just like me after this last round. You know what’s not salty? This writeup. I’d even say it’s pretty sweet! This is part one of my writeup, because Cilic is taking his sweet time.

Greetings fellow tennis enjoyers! I apologize in advance for the huge chunk of text in here, but it’s just general stuff and then we will get to the good stuff!