WTA time! After a ridiculous Roland Garros I’m almost craving another roller coaster draw. Unfortunately, as I said in the ATP post I’m moving/competing in some events over the next week or so and won’t be able to really do justice to the writeups so I’m only doing round one. Feel free to not really notice my absence, and check out the bracket comps that DC is hosting :

Registration is still open for the Wimbledon ATP and WTA bracket challenges!

Good morning. The bad news is I am going to be moving this week /competing in some events and am unlikely to catch enough tennis to really do a good job with the writeups. As a result, I’ll be a bit MIA for a week so I’m only covering the first round and then will likely be back for the hardcourt swing in the US. An incomplete product sucks, so I apologize, but also I am a turtle and have no concept of responsibility. The WTA 1st round will be up in a few hours, and DC has graciously continued hosting bracket competitions and odds competitions so check out the shtuff at the links below.

Registration is still open for the Wimbledon ATP and WTA bracket challenges!

Finals time and if you wanted 8 hours of the best 4 players in the event going head to head, you got it. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back for Wimbledon. For those of you who joined our bracket contests, thank you! Winners will be posted once the tournament concludes : ) It was a lot of fun and we’ve decided to keep doing them. The link to join next week’s grass events is below :

Join the bracket challenge for the upcoming ATP tournaments in Halle and Queen’s Club!

I googled Krejčíková’s name to make sure her first name didn’t have an H since I’ve been calling her Barbora, and I realized I’ve been leaving all kinds of accent marks off of her name throughout this tournament. If you make a finals, you at least deserve to have your name spelled properly, so this writeup will feature all kinds of accent marks. Or maybe just hers since I copy/pasted it from google. Anyway, this tournament has made me think I can’t predict what day of the week will even come next. What a great event, and we’re left with two tremendous players whose career is made whether they win or lose.

Unreal quality in the quarterfinals this week, capped off by some very strange night matches. Nadal, Djokovic, Tsitsipas, Krejcikova, Pavlyuchenkova, Zidansek, and Sakkari are all playing their absolute best heading into the semis. Zverev is there too. In the bracket contest, 230DentistAppt looks to have it locked up on the WTA side, and they led from start to finish so it’s well deserved. Canuck96 has taken the lead in the ATP, with DC founder kuklachert, vani, mrcod64, and happysandbag hot on his trail.

Round of 16 matches are here. I’m getting this one up a bit early so Federer and Berretini’s match (if it happens) will be added a bit later today. The wild ride continues and as we get down to the later rounds I’m happy to get to watch more of each match, even if the tournament seems intent on scheduling them all at the same time. One thing’s for sure though, no matter how many matches they schedule at once, it will never be enough for Tennis Channel to run out of bad announcers.

This has been a wonderland of nonsense. Even watching I’ve had a hard time believing some of these results, so for those waking up and scorechecking I imagine there have been some double-takes. We’re only 1/3 of the way through the event, and already office pools and brackets everywhere are in shambles. d1ngal1ng leads the ATP bracket contest, and vani leads the WTA. As the results have been the epitome of wild so far, I’ve decided both are wizards. It feels like the only option. Anyway, the crazy results have me a bit flustered, but it’s a good time to remind myself that my knowledge of the tour is still very limited, and the setbacks are a good chance to learn little lessons. Lessons like, always match your eyebrows to your hair color. Wait no that one wasn’t for me. Anyway, here are more predictions that I look forward to glaring at tomorrow if they don’t come true.

From upsets on the men’s side to strange withdrawals on the women’s side, this Roland Garros is already very confusing and it’s only the first round. If you’re looking for someone to blame, the bracket contest leaders are currently 230DentistAppt (nice of him to use our contest as a calendar also), Honeybadger, vani, Charlie02123, Chi. They knew this was coming, so blame them <3

A series of wild upsets in round one have the men’s draw looking more exciting than ever. If you saw it coming, you’re smarter than me. Thanks to those of you who are playing in our bracket competition. A lot of really good picks there, and it looks like leaders d1ngal1ng, Eva, Ryan 3339, the_muro97, and Happysandbag have avoided the upsets the best so far.