I know. I know. You were all hoping for another Djokovic post. Not into it though. Turtles have very little use for drama, and mostly enjoy sitting on local logs, and chasing small fish. The ATP is starting to have a bunch of depth, so the next two weeks should have some really great matches. The warmup events have had some incredible quality play, so I’m pretty excited about this. As usual, kuklachert and the team at DegensClub set up their bracket (and other) competitions. You can enter them here : MENS BRACKET COMP - full signup details in the comments below

Same as the women’s draw, the men have wound up with the best 4 players left playing in the semifinals. This is going to be good. Almost as good as the wine the Tennis Channel announcers are drinking. Speaking of good, the bracket comps have a number of really good brackets going, with UofLForTheWin leading the men’s and Juja13 leading the women’s. Businessman looks to have the odds comp locked up, with an ROI of 97% which is, literally, absurd. Also, there are two incredible tennis matches tomorrow, so here are some thoughts.

Semifinals are here and despite these not being the names we may have expected, these matchups could not be more exciting. It’s a rare occurrence, but the 4 players left in each draw are the 4 players who’ve been playing the best in the event.

Some reallllllllly tense matches on the WTA including Anisimova almost pulling off a huge upset. Apologies for getting this up so late. As the matches start to become a bit less “all 14 matches at the same time” I’ll be able to write while I watch. There are too many good players on the WTA right now and this is about to be the best major that the WTA has had in a long time.